AED 9.98
  • Strong – Fun The Indispensable aluminium foils have been tested to ensure that they are strong, flexible and water/oil resistant to prevent messy leaks and wear & tear damage
  • Cover Leftovers – These refrigerator-friendly aluminium foils can easily wrap various types of containers, and hence are perfect for covering leftovers
  • Multipurpose – Fun The Indispensable aluminium foils be used to cover dishes while cooking, line baking pans and can be used to wrap food for reheating or grilling
  • Convenient – Fun The Indispensable aluminium foil boxes have a sleek edge cutter that can help you conveniently and safely tear off the foil paper
  • Uses – These aluminium foils would be indispensable at homes, cafeterias, restaurants, commercial kitchens and other food production areas

  • Category:HouseHold Care
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